Pow, Zap, Bam…Announcing Our New Website!

An email popped up in our inbox entitled “I’m a big fan and I want to help” from Reuben Butterfield over at MicroBrand Agency, a web and design business based right here in Victoria.

Reuben outlined an approach to sponsoring an awesome new website for our little truck and off to the races we went.

We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out with the color scheme and keeping true to the original artwork and urban vibe of Beetrice and our business. There’s a map and events listing so you guys will be able to locate us easily all year long as we roam about greater Victoria, full social integration to make it easy for us to share our location on a daily basis in a quick and easy way, and generally the new site is just great!

We’re extremely grateful to have been offered this experience with MicroBrand and we can’t recommend them enough. Whether your business needs a refresh and new look, or you are a budding entrepreneur who is looking for some creative support. Give these guys a call, you won’t be disappointed!



MicroBrand Sponsors Poster – Deadbeetz