Fav Food Truck Friendly Festivals in Victown 2013

vicfest-1What Victorian doesn’t love a good summer festival with the sunshine beaming, rad music playing, local beer a schwilling…oh and yeah…the Best Food trucks in the city come out for them too!

We LOVE being a part of the local festival scene, the goodtimes are always flowing and we love the rush of feeding the hungry masses.

Here is a list of some of our favorites from last summer…..
VIcFEST at St. Annes Academy June

Vicfest has got it all….tons of live music and most of them home grown up and comers. They also had fabulous artisians, a wine tasting area and took care of waste management like a boss.

Highlight- Being set up at the beautiful St. Anne’s Academy grounds! THAT and the Discovery coffee cold brew that helped up make it through the long days.


Rock the Shore-1Rock the Shores- Langford July

If you like to rock out then this was your event. In Langford nontheless on a perfect sunshiny weekend.

Hightlight- Tom Cochrane took the stage and killed it….All the girls in the truck were singing along to his set at the top of our lungs. funtimes.


Victoria Gay Pride festival and Parade July
Rock the Shore-2
A celebration of diversity in the Park at the end of the parade. So proud to be a part of the community and a part of the celebration. Such a fun time with long lineups and a lot of Mariah Carey on our kitchen stereo.

Highlight- All the glitter, fairy wings and beautiful people. The best.


Victoria Street Food Festival…the “Truck Up” July-Aug
Victoria Gay Pride
Put some of the best food trucks and carts on the island into Cenntenial square for 3 fridays in a row and absolute pandemonium erupts!

Victoria Street Food FestivalHighlight- It is a true testimate that Victorians LOVE their Food Trucks….we were smoking busy every single friday! Also the folks who organize this event are top notch peeps.


Rifflandia Royal Athletic Park September

Rifflandia Royal Athletic Park SeptemberRiff is one of the most epic fun week long events in Victoria. They got haircuts and Art let alone an amazing lineup of diverse music to fit with anyones jam.

Highlight- The music was awesome but the real clincher was how amazingly positive and happy people were all weekend long. no really though….not one Debbie Downie in the crowd. The vibe was rad!