We’re on the Food Network! The food truck show – Eat St. episode 17.

I am kinda obsessed with the Food Network and so when the popular show that features food trucks from all over North America (Eat St.) contacted me to say they would like to feature our truck on an upcoming episode I was pretty eside myself with excitement.

It was last summer that they sent a crew over to visit us at our original parking spot at Save on Foods Arena and we filmed a full day of food truck slinging and serving and then a bunch of menu demos.

I had the best crew of girls that day and so many fans and friends came out to be a pert of the filming.

After patiently waiting over a year to see the premier it showed on the Canadian Food Network on November 1st. in episode 17 of Season 5. we had a premier party at local brew pub Moon under Water and again the turnout of supporters was great.

If you missed it, you can watch it here.

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